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Photographed by Michelle Reid 

About Me

Alisha is a performing artist from Bartlett, Illinois. Always being the most energetic in the room with her infectious laughter and dynamic spirit.

She started her passion for performing at a very early age. During her childhood, Alisha was a part of many concerts and performances as a violinist and piano player throughout the west suburbs of Chicago. She continued her artistry of performing in numerous projects and community theatre all throughout high school. You could say she got bit by the theatre bug and didn’t want the cure.

Alisha is a reliable and exuberant artist devoted to authentic storytelling. Her mission is to bring a unique and bright embodiment to those around her on and off-stage. She wishes to inspire other African-American women to live their dreams fearlessly. Commitment, optimism and gratitude are her core values towards living a fulfilled life and career. Her passion is to create art that has immense diversity, radiates hard-work and unconditional love.


She is a graduate from the Weitzenhoffer School of Musical Theater program, located at the University of Oklahoma. During her time at OU Alisha, has worked with many guest artists such as Emily Skinner, Denis Jones, Gordon Greenberg and Rachel Hoffman.


In her free time, Alisha enjoys rollerblading, traveling, photography, trying new foods and speaking in a really good but also really bad British accent.   

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